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Attention: Skinmedica Customers!

We are pleased to announce that TNS Essential Serum was featured on the hit TV show “THE DOCTORS”. Make sure you have enough in stock because we all know what happened when TNS was featured on Oprah!

Also, there is a synopsis of the show that talks about TNS Essential Serum, view it here.


Colorescience Sunforgettable Sunscreen

Sunforgettable mineral sunscreen work by physically deflecting UV rays away from skin. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the only two natural minerals that do this. Early formulations were considered problematic as the "white" zinc mineral became a bright white paste on skin and both looked and felt unappealing. So despite that fact that zinc is a 'perfect' all-natural sunscreen - because it made such a "funny" look (the iconic lifeguard's white nose) - scientists developed chemical sunscreens.

  • Micronized minerals (super small, finely milled) have eliminated the white paste problem.
  • Doctors recommend physical blockers because chemical sunscreens frequently cause skin irritation or allergy (at least 10% of the population).
  • Physical sunscreens work immediately and can last longer without re-application.

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Clarisonic Smart Profile

Smart Profile is optimized to achieve superior results for total skin transformation.

The turbo function on the Smart Profile device allows the user to temporarily increase the cleansing power of the device in order to obtain a more targeted cleanse at any point throughout the cleansing cycle. Simply press and hold the button for as long as the added boost is needed. Turbo is available on any speed or during any protocol. Learn More >>



Clarisonic's Sonic Skin Care System

Clarisonic's Sonic Skin Care System takes just one minute a day for the best skin  of your life. Perfect for all skin types, Available in Classic, PLUS, Mia (travel-convenient design), and Aria models, request to preview the models during your consultation.

The Clarisonic facial cleansing system is trusted by Grafton Dermatology to help promote softer, younger-looking skin and remove up to six times more debris than traditional methods. Brush heads oscillate at over 300 movements per second to sweep away dead skin cells, impurities, and environmental pollutants.

Clarisonic’s original 2-speed Sonic Skin Cleansing System that redefined skin cleansing for cleaner, healthier skin. Discover the Dermatologists' secret to silky-smooth, radiantly fresh skin. Clarisonic goes beyond cleansing by using sonic technology to gently yet deeply cleanse pores of environmental toxins, makeup and bacteria-without abrasion or harsh chemicals. Unlike superficial cleansing, CLARISONIC® micro-massage action removes greater than six times more makeup and actually increases product absorption-making skin more receptive to skincare ingredients (up to 61% of Vitamin C in a recent clinical study). With regular daily use the Clarisonic reduces dry skin patches, oily areas and blemishes and immediately leaves skin feeling and looking smoother.

Awards and Recognition Clarisonic was ranked Number 60 in the 2009 Inc. (magazine) 500. The Clarisonic Opal won the Allure (magazine) Best of Beauty Award for the Breakthrough category in 2010.

How do I use the Clarisonic?

Charge unit for 24 hours prior to first use.
First, remove eye makeup. Wet skin and brush head, and apply cleanser to the skin or directly to the brush head. Push the on/off button, select speed, and follow the 1-minute T-Timer prompts while moving brush in small, circular motions: 20 seconds on forehead, 20 seconds on nose/chin, and 10 seconds on each cheek. Hold the brush head flush to your skin. Pressing too hard will impede the motion of the brush and reduce effectiveness. It will automatically shut off after one minute.


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