VISIA Complexion Analysis at Grafton Dermatology

Technological skin complexion analysis.

What is Complexion Analysis?

The VISIA Complexion analysis system puts the dermatologist into the position to meet quantitative statements for the skin and complexion condition of patients. The basis for this is a camera unit, which sends the high-quality photographs to a high speed computer. This computer calculates both the standard and UV photos by means of the analysis software the results.

The results of a patient's complexion analysis can be plotted as diagram with the picture of the patient. Different parameters can be shown as well as different images. The results can be use by the skin care consultant for Anti-Aging treatment planning and monitoring of the progress.

These complexion analysis gives the consultant numbers for individually tailored advice on hand. The individual results can be compared with an inbuild database of thousands of other results of clients with the same age and skin type. The clients can see their complexion situation in relation to the average. The system VISIA Complexion analysis offers the consultant the basis for an invidually and comprehensible treatment concept to meet the desire of a client for a Anti-Aging treatment, a cosmetic face treatment or a medicamentous therapy.

Provides Detailed information for:

  • Skin- & Teintanalysis
  • Measurement of the pore depth
  • Individual analysis of the skin condition
  • Measurement of wrinkles
  • Analysis of pigment disturbances
  • Representation of UV damages
  • Porphyrine & bacteria analysis of the face skin
  • Graphic evaluation of the individual results
  • individual Anti-Aging treatment planning
  • Monitoring & progress control of therapies and cosmetic face treatments


About Us

Under the direction of Dr. Lee Grafton, Dr. Tamela Charbonnet and Dr. Kristal Guidroz, Tricia Petrella, board certified esthetician, and Taylor Zeringue, board certified cosmetologist will provide a complete skin care program consisting of in-office Medical Facials, HydraFacial, Micro Peels, Laser Hair Removal, IPL Treatments, make-up consultations using Glo Mineral Cosmetics.